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Thank You Australia from Brikama, in The Gambia

Today is the second week of October, 2018.

On behalf of Lama Bah, I wish to Thank a number of people for their support so far for assisting in someway by contributing to the Urban Colours Online, start-up project.

As you are aware Lama is 18 years old and is doing his very best to support his mother and younger siblings.

We have sent a number of Boxes with DHL to The Gambia from Australia containing clothes, study books, mini-solar lights, as well as other mostly secondhand items.

Below are some of Lama's new foreign friends who live in Australia who have contributed to those boxes that went to The Gambia.

Lama’s Supportive Friends

Maria Altmann – IT +
Chris Powell -IT advice and support
Sylvia Malapa - Cloths - New and Secondhand Clothes

Green Shed – Secondhand Cloths
Peter - Lifts to pick-up items + support
Robyn Craig - Lifts, pick-ups + support
Louise & Roger - clothes
Krista Hook - cloths
Jayne - iPad with keyboard, will arrive soon
David - Mebourne - Mac screen + Ram
Steve: Voltaic AU

Other Support

Troy - discount on secondhand computer
Melb Fixit -  (Tec research and  advise on how to

fix Mac Air screen)


Time, Assistance and Advice

DHL Service Staff
Commonwealth Bank Staff
Australia Post Staff
Batteries outlets in Canberra 
Camping Store Outlets in Canberra
Jay Car in Canberra

Given Lama and Maria's partnership on this project has only been alive for half of this year, our progress on a whole, thanks to the support, in setting up the foundation platform for this progress, has been innovative.
The Mission of this project in it's most immediate term is to halp raise funds for Lama, his mother and his four young siblings.

Maria Altmann
Facebook / TheMiacat

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