Monday, October 29, 2018

Endless Advantages with Solar Power 

Today I imagine the gift of the sun, and at how it can be used to generate our everyday need for electricity. The photo above is from Global Solar. One of the many hundreds of companies competing for market share in this global portable solar market.

I look at how portable solar generated power can help us to imagine an every-day, where people will use solar powered solution that replace their dependence on fossil fuels... especially now that we have a wide range of portable solar power kits, to meet a variety of needs, available today.

What we have across the world is magic. I see what we are doing with the led-light and phone technologies as totally remarkable.

With 5 watts, 10, we can power up our devices such as phones, mini-notepads and iPads.

There's solar power GPS, solar for navigation, mapping, tracking, as well as flying camera drones. We can solar power up video, we have many choices with radio, music and audio.

Time power up your work space

In less then 15 years, portable solar power has come a long way with its technological advancements.

With 60, 80 or say a 300 watt portable solar power generator, there’s now enough a power solution to run printers, power tools and lap-tops as well as many common everyday appliances. 

The trick with solar power is to calculate the value of time it takes to charge a particular solar battery and compare that amount of time with whatever set of tasks you want to use the produced electricity for. Most appliances don't need to run for then more a few minutes a day, while others like say a laptop, will need will more running-time.

This means, power drills, saws and other electric tools, water pumps, alarm systems, timers, office printers, security and other lights  don’t always need to be on all the time. It is also why I encourage carpenters, car mechanics, handy men and women to rethink their workspace and consider what it would take to transform of their day-to-day tasks.

Why not to design a workspace that is ecologically effective and practical in every way by using low and medium forms of portable solar power as a resource.

If we wont do it for ourselves then think of the people in Africa and beyond

When we are think portable solar power, I am critically aware that their is a limited number of people lucky enough to have access to some form of solar power in Africa, Asia, and small island nations in the Pacific. Yet for those that have it, they rely it for their survival everyday. Their devices require mainly 5 watts and less. Their market place is flooded with sales that are mainly targeting low-powered solar led-light solutions, with USB power inputs for an ipad or phone.

What frustrates me is to see how under-resourced places like Africa are when it comes to having no true access to a wider-range of portable solar power. Whole families in many poorer regions may have just enough to power a night light and a mobile phone, but no more.

How ever will Africa develop without access more portable solar power?

It is hot in Africa. There is little access to water or mainstream forms of power.

Business markets appear to neglect this population, marketing their products mainly to the US, UK and EU money markets. Not only do these business entities ignore the vast productive need for portable solar power in Africa, but more often you find they wont even ship their products to many places within this market.

This creates an enormous technological skills gap between the haves and the have nots. It is another major reason why these countries economic productive potential lags in areas of education & training, innovative youth policy, in science, and business services.  When new skills are left untapped because they lack the access they need in technologies to mobilize, we all need to become concerned.

What it means is that productive portable solar solutions to power up power tools, office printers and laptops for example, are scarce resources among the majority of people in these countries.

In terms of economic development, these nations desperately need better access to 100, 300 and 500 watt portable solar kits, at affordable prices.

Access to Portable Solar Power must become norm

When it comes to technology and science, it is these regions that could benefit most from this advancing solar technologies.

It is for this  reason I am promoting portable solar power.

I imagine a world with potential. A future of possibilities that could add life-quality to people everywhere, if only they had access to portable safe forms of solar power.

Instead of just 'giving a goat' to someone in africa, asia or the pacific this christmas, I advocate that we give someone a portable solar generator.

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Endless Advantages with Solar Power  Today I imagine the gift of the sun, and at how it can be used to generate our everyday nee...